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Success Case

3D experience platform to help bridge design case

2019/04/24 19:31
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Customerintroduction  TheBridgeStructureResearchInstituteofChinaRailwayBaoqiaoGroupCo.,Ltd.isawholly-ownedsubsidiaryofChinaWorldRailCorporation,aFortune500company.Itisalargestate-ownedenterprisespecia

  Customer introduction

  The Bridge Structure Research Institute of China Railway Baoqiao Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China World Rail Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. It is a large state-owned enterprise specializing in manufacturing steel bridges, steel structures, railways, urban rail transit equipment and large lifting machinery. The company is the "leader" in China's steel beam steel structure and railway turnout field, and also the "cradle" of China's high-speed railway turnout.

  Project Objectives

  A double-tower double cable-stayed bridge project is the first product project that the company received for the bridge design using CATIA V6. In the past projects, the following commonalities existed:

  1) Mainly based on box girder bridges, there is no complicated twisted double tower structure.

  2) Mainly based on 2D drawings, applied to on-site manufacturing.

  Bridge design goals:

  1) Realizing the twisted structure design of the double tower double cable-stayed bridge based on the 3D experience platform;

  2) Implement bridge collaborative design based on 3D experience platform;

  3) How to implement 3D model based on 3D experience platform to guide manufacturing.


  Bridge design based on 3D experience platform, including:

  1) Data reception;

  2) definition of bridge skeleton;

  3) Twisted structure design of double tower double cable stayed bridge;

  4) Bridge collaborative design;

  5) Knowledge Engineering;

  6) 2D engineering drawings