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Together in xi 'an, anto group to help China's manufacturing Renaissance!

2019/04/29 13:30
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Product innovation and technical ability are the core competitiveness of enterprises. Tour during the 2019 dassault systems industry of xi 'an station on the BBS, dassault systems and Antoine group shows the application of 3 d experience platform support, including based on DELMIA/Apriso intelligent manufacturing operations management solutions, covering production, logistics, quality, cycle time, equipment five business segments, based on the global factory model, realize the site more rapid deployment of the factory. In addition, SIMULIA's virtual validation and product optimization solutions are used to help r&d departments implement rapid and agile design validation iterations and accelerate the pace of enterprise innovation.






Anto group xi 'an company general manager Mr. Guan rui


Antoine first group xi 'an branch general manager Mr Tariff welcome speech, close in total to express sincere welcome and thanks to each expert teachers, and mentioned Antoine group as a platinum partner of dassault, has been committed to the digital construction of China's manufacturing enterprises, in the aspect of exploring enterprise digital transformation, Antoine group in 3 d design, prototype, build digital design based on model, based on the simulation model of system engineering, design, integration, collaborative research and development, manufacturing, and services, has been one of the leading enterprises in the industry. This conference also invited many industry experts to interact and exchange with each other, sharing dassault model-based core solutions and integrated platform capabilities of digital enterprises, and jointly promoting product innovation and intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the digital era.
Always talked about, in order to better introduce 3 dexperience platform industry value and the concept of practice, let the user personal feelings 3 dexperience platform of cross-cutting value enhancement, Antoine group in xi 'an branch office deployed 3 dexperience innovation experience centre, in software, hardware, scene and interactive way to on-site XuanJie visiting customers, better help the digital transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.
Teacher jiang mingwei and some aviation research institute experts to share the wonderful
Beijing machinery industry automation institute chief expert teacher jiang mingwei
Next, Mr. Jiang mingwei, the chief expert of software division of Beijing institute of mechanical industry automation, and the expert of special allowance of the state council, Shared "enterprise intelligent manufacturing planning and design". Mr. Jiang mingwei is one of the earliest experts in manufacturing informatization. Since 1978, he has organized and led the management diagnosis and management informatization implementation of nearly 100 enterprises, and studied intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing planning in recent years. Knowledge and experience in the whole value chain of manufacturing industry. In management, technology, process, software integration has a deep attainments. Through his speech, the participants had a deeper understanding of intelligent manufacturing planning.
Experts from an aviation research institute also made a wonderful share on the theme of "model-based systems engineering", and gave the guests the most valuable experience through the user's practice.
Share 3D digital experience platform solutions
Mr. Hou xianbin, technical director of daxo systems channel business unit in greater China
Mr. Hou xianbin, technical director of the channel business division of daxol systems in greater China, Shared with you "solutions to daxol system industrial revival", and introduced the best practices and industrial experience of daxol system 3D digital experience platform in innovation, research and development, simulation optimization, process, manufacturing operation and other fields.
Mr. Wang qingfu, business development director of anto group
Mr. Wang yuchen, electrical technical consultant of dache CATIA pipeline
Mr. Zhang xuegang, technical director of the PLM application department of anto group
Mr. Zhao xiang, senior technical consultant of anto group CAE
Mr. Qiang xiaoyong, senior solution consultant of anto group
Mr. Yang bo, director of CATIA team, PLM application department, anto group
Experts from dassault systems and Antoine group Shared various solutions and classic cases, giving leaders and guests a dry feast.
Highlights of the meeting
The whole day's meeting drew to a close in a lively atmosphere of discussion.
With the continuous development and subversion of the industry, enterprise business is facing many challenges. It is still a long way to go to help enterprises carry out business transformation and improve core competitiveness through digital transformation.
As a new generation of integrated solution provider, daxo helps partners build digital continuity within and outside the enterprise ecological chain based on a single data source and build a model-based, data-driven digital enterprise through the 3D digital experience platform and rich industry best practices.
We sincerely invite you and your enterprise to participate in the 2019 dassault system industry tour exhibition
The meeting of changsha station on May 9th!