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Hardware Architecture Solution for PLM Platform

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As competitive pressures increase, companies are constantly looking for ways to use information technology to improve their competitiveness in order to successfully meet challenges. PLM is one of the most important methods companies seek, and is common in almost all major industries around the world.
PLM can help companies manage all product information from initial concept to in-store delivery more efficiently. Through simplified collaboration, PLM can effectively integrate all aspects of information resources, including the supply chain. Replacing existing disparate repositories with “unique real data” enables companies to focus on product innovation to meet customers' diverse requirements for performance, quality and value. By deploying resources early in the product development process, operational inefficiencies can be reduced and a flexible, centralized, and accurate flow of information can be generated to be shared with personnel across departments.
Based on the Dassault V6 platform, our PLM solutions leverage our years of experience in providing service support to leading companies in a variety of industries, combining our customers' actual business development with the current state of IT system architecture to help our clients implement an effective PLM environment. Enables it to leverage process-focused PLM-hosted workflows and applications for process review and IT environment rationalization. By standardizing processes and applications, organizations can reduce the complexity of their work environment: employees can use multiple applications on a common user interface, that is, they have the same source of information, so they can work more easily. In addition, the reduction of integration points between applications reduces the cost of maintenance upgrades and support, as well as the business continuity of the enterprise.
Solution 1: DB Server hot standby
• Hardware architecture
  • case analysis
In the first phase of an aircraft design and research PLM project in East China, the two-tier architecture can meet the basic functional requirements of the system, and has better performance in CAD software integration processing, which can provide designers with faster system response and support.
In the second and third phases of the project, the four-layer architecture required for integration with other TeamCenter products can directly expand the corresponding hardware facilities and system modules based on the two-tier structure. The hardware configuration in the original two-tier structure No changes are required for the framework, system and system software. At the same time, the products planned for the second phase and the third phase through the four-tier architecture are mainly for the management and management users. For the designers, the system under the two-tier architecture can still be used without being affected by the architecture expansion.
This solution proposes to use the dual-system clustering mode in the DB Server to ensure high reliability of the data layer in the process of large data volume access and storage. If this configuration mode is not adopted, when the DB Server1 is down or damaged, the PDM system platform You will need to manually repair and restore before you can continue to use, during which users will not be able to work on the platform until the database is restored.
Solution 2: Single DB server under two-tier architecture
• Hardware architecture
  • case analysis
This solution adopts a single database server mode. Compared with the solution one, the dual-machine clustering mode is omitted, the hardware input cost is reduced, and the corresponding data service reliability is also reduced. If the DB Server is down or damaged, the PLM system platform needs to be manually repaired and restored before continuing to use, during which the user will not be able to work on the platform until the database is restored.
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