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3D interactive electronic technical manual solution

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  1. System Overview

  The 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) digitizes and reprograms the contents of the technical manual, and presents the manual content to the maintenance technology interactively through various digital terminals such as computers and mobile portable devices. Personnel or system operator. 3D IETM has the features that are not available in the paper technical manual. This system can reduce the workload of maintenance personnel, improve the speed of fault diagnosis, improve the quality of repairs, and improve the efficiency of technical data compilation and equipment training efficiency.

  2. System function

  1. Model management: At the beginning of the manual creation, the equipment model can be created and the equipment information can be maintained through the system. The manuals of different natures such as maintenance manuals, training manuals and user manuals can be managed according to different models of the equipment.

  2. Resource management: It is mainly used to receive external data information, and manage, maintain and convert data in the system. The main data information objects are documents, pictures, audio and video, 2D drawings and 3D animation.

  3, manual content management: content management module is the core component of 3D IETM, fully in line with the S1000D specification, through the creation and management of data modules (Data Module, hereinafter referred to as DM) for the manual content, can achieve hot map, three-dimensional digital model Inter-link with text data to support multi-person online manual editing.

  4, manual publishing management: including publishing style management, publication module management and manual release three modules, through the maintenance of the publication module (Publication Module, PM) to organize the publication content, published into a variety of formats of the manual.

  5. Publication management: In this module, you can search and preview the manual according to the keywords, and view and modify the basic properties of different manuals.

  6. 3D model interaction: The 3D model can be loaded and previewed in the 3D browsing plug-in to realize the interaction between the model and the system data information.

  7. User and authority management: used to manage system user accounts and role information, which can effectively strengthen the confidentiality management of classified information systems and greatly reduce the risk of leaks.

  8. System background management: used to manage the system background, maintain the coding and information codes appearing in the manual production process, and realize the management operation of the data module requirements list.

  3. System features

  1. Full support for national standard GB/T 24463 and European standard S1000D.

  2, has a good interactive function, real-time response to user operations.

  3, with the national leading 3D interactive technology, providing a great user experience.

  4, a unique style management mechanism to achieve customization of user style templates.

  5, to achieve content reuse, effectively reduce data redundancy, greatly increasing the efficiency of manual compilers.

  6, equipped with three-member authority design, effectively strengthen the system security management, greatly reducing the risk of leaks.

  7, a variety of distribution channels, support portable device browsing.

  8. Seamless integration with CAD software to automatically obtain BOM information.

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