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3D CAPP System

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Product description

  product description:

  With the transformation of R&D department design tools from 2D CAD to 3D CAD, product design capabilities and innovation capabilities have been further improved, and the model development cycle has been greatly shortened. However, the process design of the bridge and the link as the connection engineering design and manufacturing still stays in the editing of the process card, the manual statistical summary of the process information and the paper process signing of the process documents, etc. stage. With the continuous deepening of 3D CAD application, the limitations of existing process design methods are becoming more and more obvious. As a process design system, it must also be transformed from the traditional support 2D process design to support 3D solid model for process design. The application of the process design system must also evolve from a two-dimensional CAD-based integration to a three-dimensional CAD-based integration, that is, a three-dimensional CAD-based three-dimensional process design system. The 3D process design system adopts the design technology based on 3D CAD model, which increases the readability and consistency of the product, reduces the time for understanding the drawings, and further improves the rationality of the process design method, process resources and manufacturing data management mode. Scientific, the uniqueness of design, process, and manufacturing data sources.

  system structure:

  The functional architecture of the 3D CAPP system is divided into 5 layers.

  The operating system layer and the database layer serve as the underlying architecture of the 3D CAPP system, providing operational support and data storage for the system.

  The functional layer provides common functions for the 3D CAPP system for other modules to call. It includes process design basic module, file management module, knowledge management module, file output module and process data access interface module.

  The application layer acts as a layer that interacts directly with the user and includes the implementation of a specific business function within the scope of the CAPP system. It is realized by calling the common function modules of the function layer. It includes assembly process programming module, machine plus process documentation module, inspection planning module, knowledge/resource calling module, and develops various system integration interfaces for it, making the 3D CAPP system suitable for the user's information system.

  The system management layer is used as the maintenance and management module of the 3D CAPP system, and is at the functional layer and the application layer.

  Main function introduction:

  1) Process documentation and management functions

  This module is mainly used to prepare daily process documents of the workshop, mainly including: assembly process documents, machine plus process documents, inspection plans and other process forms, and manage the generated process documents.

  2) Assembly flow chart design function

  The module supports the assembly flow chart through the Pert diagram to make the process sequence more clear; support the related parts and resource information of each process file node in the Pert diagram.

  3) MBOM visual reconstruction function

  This feature supports visual partitioning of MBOM based on lightweight 3D digital models. The components required for the process file are distributed in the corresponding process file in the 3D visualization environment and verified to avoid omissions.

  4) Statistical summary function

  This module is for shop floor product level inventory summary statistics. The latest version of each process file is used as the query object, and the statistics of the tooling, parts, standard parts, rivets and process contents in the file or file are counted or categorized. At the same time, it also supports the above-mentioned various statistics on the documents prepared by the craftsmen themselves. The statistical output is divided into two types: form and EXCEL file.

  5) Process file output and preview function

  This feature enables the generation of process data for user-entered process data in a specific format. Divided into two sub-functions: 1) process file generation (preview) function; 2) process file printing function. The process file generation (preview) function includes the function of generating (previewing) electronic documents (3D, 2D), printing documents (3D, 2D) by template, and assembling the process reverse function.

  The process file printing function includes printing function, batch printing function, viewing electronic signature function, and extracting print screenshot function from 3D digital model.

  6) Process knowledge base and manufacturing resource library function

  This module is used to implement knowledge-based process design, promote the transformation, sharing and reuse of process knowledge and experience, and improve the quality and efficiency of process design. It contains process knowledge data sets and process resource libraries, mainly including "engineering icons", "common terms", "material code library", "equipment library", "tooling library" and so on.

  7) Working hours and material quota management functions

  This function realizes the working input and editing of each process or step in the 3D CAPP system, and summarizes the required working hours of the process file or the entire product according to the requirements; in addition, it can also manufacture the parts in each process file in the system. The material grades, specifications, and wool sizes are summarized by the part number.

  8) On-site ink function

  After integrating with the PDM system and the MES system, the module uses the electronic ink technology to implement the paper-based ink change business in the CAPP system and implements the paperless implementation.

  9) System management functions

  This module is mainly used for system administrator system maintenance, including: user rights management, security and confidentiality audit, database backup, and customization.

  Product advantages:

  1) Researched the three-dimensional process design method and mode, and formed a software system, which laid the foundation for the three-dimensional process design of the full-dimensional three-dimensional MBD data of the design end receiving the design end;

  2) Cooperate with PDM system and ERP system to open up the data flow of design, process and manufacturing; in addition, develop on-site ink module, ready to realize paperless assembly in workshop;

  3) Through the research and development of process information modeling functions, the effective organization and management of process data in CAPP system is realized, which not only facilitates the effective use of process data by ERP/MES and CAQ, but also facilitates the organization of process data by CAPP system administrators. Follow-up maintenance;

  4) The creation of a three-dimensional inspection plan under MBD technology was realized, and the MBD technology was extended to the field of inspection and testing.

  Typical users:

  Northwest Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

  East China Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

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