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Service Center

Service Center

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  Since its inception in 1978, Anto has been committed to providing leading digital and information products and solutions for the Chinese manufacturing industry. With the continuous deepening of customer applications, Antuo began to set up a professional service team in 2005, in order to provide customers with high-quality professional services to help customers achieve product innovation and development.

  At present, Anto's service team has nearly 200 professional service engineers, including business consulting, digital design, digital simulation, digital manufacturing, digital customer service, system integration and IT architecture.

  After years of development, Anto's services have many customers in the industries of aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, marine engineering and shipbuilding, electrical and electronic manufacturing, modern service industry product management, and new energy.

  Through the implementation of the ISO9001 standard, Anto has established a strict project management system to continuously improve the service system and service management.

  Anto's professional services industry has won recognition and appreciation from industry customers.