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Success Case

Implementation case of collaborative design in water conservancy and hydropower industry

2019/04/24 19:33
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Customerintroduction  ChinaPowerConstructionGroupChengduSurveyandDesignInstituteCo.,Ltd.isthecoreenterpriseofChinaPowerConstructionGroup,oneoftheworld'stop500enterprises.Itisthemostpowerfulhydropowers

  Customer introduction

  China Power Construction Group Chengdu Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is the core enterprise of China Power Construction Group, one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It is the most powerful hydropower survey and design enterprise in China, and the development strategy of international and diversified engineering companies.

  Project Objectives

  The multi-disciplinary collaborative design environment is based on Dassault's ENOVIA VPM system. Through the management, business and technology combing, integration and innovation, the collaborative units, business processes and 3D design applications in the hydropower engineering collaborative design process are effectively integrated. To build a multi-disciplinary collaborative design environment that can achieve complete collaborative design applications in engineering, improve product quality, reduce design errors, shorten engineering design cycles, and reduce design costs.


  1) Define an implementation plan for a multi-disciplinary collaborative design environment. The program should implement centralized management and control of 3D data developed by hydropower projects, providing engineers with a standard professional working environment to ensure their integrity, correctness, effectiveness and consistency. Sex.

  2) Define the implementation plan of the 3D collaborative design mode. The program is based on the 3D design, realizes the product structure management of the hydropower engineering design, and organizes the personnel management. Through the maturity management mechanism, the professional design between the upstream and downstream is realized. Parallel and collaborative design; achieve full 3D design, 3D proofing, 2D plotting, and business model for engineering statistics using CATIA.

  3) Define an implementation plan for 3D design data state management. The solution is based on a collaborative design environment to implement version management and state control of 3D data, and realize 3D data design, proofreading, review, freeze, and change management.

  User revenue

  1) For the electromechanical professional engineering design with MBD technology as the main line and full 3D digital electromechanical engineering as the goal, define and manage the data and process in engineering design, form an innovative design method, and explore the collaborative design process for the hydropower industry. Application mode

  2) Reconstruct the VPM collaborative design environment to solve the parallel, coordination and data management problems in the 3D design process of electromechanical majors, and realize the transformation of design means;

  3) Improve the real-time, accuracy and efficiency of each professional BOM list (engineering quantity statistics), provide accurate information input for engineering procurement and engineering cost, and open up the upstream and downstream data flow.

  4) Strengthen the construction of the three-dimensional resource pool for water conservancy and hydropower projects, and integrate the existing resource pools to meet the application requirements of water, electrical, ventilation, and gold knots. Improve the design efficiency and design quality of electromechanical majors, and promote the accumulation and reuse of enterprise design knowledge.